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An Introduction To Muay Thai

All across the world, people have heard about it and possibly even witnessed it first hand or on television – the furious punches, bone crushing elbows, lethal and piercing kicks, and the unforgettable knees. Although watching it on television is great, nothing begins to compare to seeing these moves executed live – with thousands of […]

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The Many Styles Of Kung Fu

The martial art known as Kung Fu is very old, yet very powerful. There are several different forms involved with Kung Fu, that only add to the power and mystique. Below, we will go over a majority of the different styles and forms that make up Kung Fu. White Crane style The spirit of the […]

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Street Fighting Uncaged

It’s them against you! Your heart’s racing, your mouth is dry, your hands are sweating and you suddenly realize that this is life or death! The “safe moves” won’t cut it out on the streets… From: Jeff Anderson, President International Society of Close Quarter Combatants Look my friend… I’m not going to waste your time […]

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